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Latest number: XLVII - n. 2 - March-April 2017

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Dreams and Responsibilities!

By Bro Mariano Di Vito, OFM Cap.

In Pope Francis’  homily given on 2 February 2017, addressed to all  religious, he used the word “dream” at least ten times. He spoke of the dream of their founding  fathers and mothers, the dream of their elders, the dream of the younger generations, and the dream of all those, even if not many still numerous, who have not given up on the greenest of all virtues, hope.
Yet that aspiration to go beyond ourselves, to venture into unknown territories, seems to have fallen out of fashion. 
It has become the past instead, the already seen, the safety of  boundaries and  the  protection of walls  that more and more frequently occupy  the agendas of governments  and political powers in the  many different parts of the world.
Undoubtedly the worries and the fears of  failure are many, and the temptations to make do with little, to hold on to what we already have,  “to be prudent” as the saying goes,  loom large with their promises of safety. We want nothing too adventurous, no leaps in the dark!
The men and women who traced  out  new paths, opened fresh vistas, built bridges and who,...

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