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Latest number: XLVI - n. 3 - May-June 2016

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Athens, Rome and Jerusalem…

By Bro Mariano Di Vito, OFM. Cap.

Three ancient cities full of history and charm, but most importantly crossroads to cultures, art and thinking that have profoundly influenced not only Western  way of life, but with equal measure and significance all of mankind.
It is said that they represent the head,  the arm and the heart of the Western world. But also much more!
The Greek sofia (wisdom), the Roman jus (law and justice), and mercy from its fount the Holy One of Israel, can still today in our  troubled times serve as a compass and prevent us, if nothing more, from foundering terribly and cruelly against the always larger and more dangerous rocks that unforeseen but steadily cross mankind’s path.
So often attempts have been made to favour one vision over another and even to obstruct or just regard with indifference or suspicion the others. Our emeritus Pope Benedict on the other hand, on several occasions, has tried  to communicate the vital necessity of keeping them together because all three,  over and above their  role in history or  their simple symbolic significance, testify to the need for the quest of harmony (communion…) in a complementary diversity, not just in ...

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