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Latest number: XLVI - n. 5 - September-October 2016

Articles for this issue:
- When we say inclusion (Editorial)

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When we say inclusion

by Bro. Mariano Di Vito, FM Cap.

“Inclusion!” is one of those new, recent  words  that suggest  as well as a deficiency also a project, the possibility of a new beginning and a preoccupation in making the message clear.
Perhaps some of its potential can be conveyed if we contrast it with  its opposite,  a much better known and sadly too freely used word: “exclusion”.
Past history, and even more so recent times, is full of  people, sometimes whole groups, even whole nations and whole continents, who have suffered in their very flesh exclusion, discrimination or as we used to say, “ghettoization” as a result of the  selfishness of  a privileged few.
Slavery, colonialism and the denial of rights, at once come to mind,…  rights denied to women, to “blacks”, to gypsies, to Jews, and all those considered unworthy or incapable of benefiting from the undoubtable advantages and accomplishments of politics, technology, progress and wealth.
“Inclusion” is  certainly a great shift forwards, a move towards  those utopias and dreams of  more open and far sighted minds:  that  recognise the earth to be  the home of all mankind, its resources belonging to everyone, to truly everyone,  united by the same...

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