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Latest number: XLV - n. 6 - NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015

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By bro Mariano Di Vito, OFM Cap.

It is true, we live in an era of the most advanced technology, digital technology, and whose sophisticated processes are based on  two small numbers, 0 and 1: Nothing could seem simpler!
And yet, if we look around  and within us, everything seems more complicated, at times even absurd  and with no apparent  way out. We have the impression, on the one hand, that  we have attained  incredible ends, but on the other hand it appears to us equally apparent that along the way we have lost something significant and that we feel missing, even if its precise nature eludes us.
So, this coming Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis is providential for us. It gives us an excellent opportunity to re-find, without  decelerating the advance to progress, what we have imprudently forsaken along the way  or perhaps even,  conceitedly thrown out because thought by us useless, and even a dangerous hindrance.
We have become  richer in our possessions and our experiences and also prouder because of our many  achievements but  we continue to feel lost, almost strangers to one another, in a world torn by hatred and ongoing wars.

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