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Latest number: XLIV - n. 1 January-February 2014

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By Bro Mariano Di Vito, OFM Cap.

Listening is the key to any relationship. And this does not refer just to  our faculty of hearing. We listen with our eyes, with our bodies, and in a very special way with our heart!
In a word it is an art, and like any art it must be learnt, practised, and everyone brings to it their own style, colour, profundity and beauty.
Saint Paul reminds us that our very faith cannot be born except by hearing:  “Faith cometh by hearing” (Rom 10, 17), and one of the most repeated phrases of the Old Testament is “Hear O Israel.”
Almighty God is ceaselessly invoked with cries and groans  and  to listen to the prayers of His children (cf. Ex 2, 23) and He is described as “He who hears the groaning of His people” (Ex 2, 24).
Jesus compares those who belong to Him  to sheep who hear the voice of their shepherd (cf. Jn 10,27) and lastly the Church, which is us, to the community that hears the Spirit (cf. Rev 2, 7. 11. 17; 3, 6. 13) and listens to His Word (cf. Acts 15, 7; 28, 28).
It is said...

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